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I Live in Calgary and I must say I am so lucky too because when it comes to fashion we have everything to high-end , super fancy clothing such as fancy dresses to country wear which includes cowboy boots and during stampede a cowboy hat. Even ‘just a Saturday night in with the girls but you have to still go pick up that pizza in a bit so you have to look semi presentable’ look which is one that I find myself wearing more than I’d like to admit. In Calgary we also have a very widespread street wear style that differs from a long, baggy shirt worn as a dress with plaid around your waist to sweats and a jersey. All of these styles and looks are never just set to genders which is also one of my favorite style choices to play with such as wearing a man’s shirt or a blazer. I have 4 different looks that I find myself frequently wearing and sometimes I mix them up and combine styles. My first look is something you can wear to a casual event/ outing or you can dress it up with heels like I did or even a bit of jewelry like bracelets or a longer necklace since the front is quite plain and you’re good to go to a nice dinner. The model (Cailyn) is shown wearing a shoulder less top which is a must in every girls closet during the summer (free those shoulders) but due to the fact that there is no hiding annoying bra straps I highly recommend a strapless bra, which I know can be tricky to keep up sometimes but your outfit will look so much better. The shirt is just a plain high waisted black skirt which gives you the freedom to tuck in your shirt or leave it untucked, the short the model is wearing was quite long so I decided to have is tucked in for a cleaner and more out together look.  My second outfit is country inspired and is something I find myself wear quite often. The model is wearing something you could wear for a day out, Calgary stampede or an outing to one of the many country themed bars we have. I choose to stick with the lighter color for the jeans and top because not only does it get less hot I also find it makes your boots pop more, but you could just as easily throw on some dark blue jeans and the outfit would still work. Traditionally with cowboy boots you would wear boot cut jeans that cover them but if you’d like to show them off wear a tighter fighting jean such as a skinny jean to show those boots off. Also on a side note is like to add the fact that cowboy boots are one of my favorite shoes because they are versatile and functional but also they look great with jeans and if planned right they go amazingly well with a skirt or cute summer dress. My third look is street wear that is comfortable and nice enough that to u could exercise in it or go out and do your daily deeds. I went with white sweat pants because I feel like they are a great statement piece considering how often you actually see white sweatpants. I went with the white tank top to blend in under to make the black jersey standout more. Then I used the red bandana and lipstick to give the look a pop of color and as a standout piece. Also I swear by converse they are my absolute favorite shoes and u can where them with anything at any time! For my last outfit I went for more of a classic look with the 50s style red dress. You can wear it whenever and its light enough to wear in the summer and once winter rolls around you can throw on some leggings or thighs and put on an old style knitted jacket (the one I have reminds me of a sock monkey) I think my favorite part about any of these outfits is that you can wear them anytime and dress them up or down due to your mood and what you are dressing for.

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