Day 5

Hi everybody!

So wednesday was the most fun I have had yet. We were rehearsing since the morning until around 4PM and we finally got our choreography nailed down we were so excited that our group started cheering and high fiveing one another.

Right after we had rehearsals we also found out who the Top 4 for photogenic were and those were Julia, Naomi , Masha and Chrystaelle so congratulations ladies!! Super proud of you girls and I can’t wait to see who will win Miss Photogenic , so good luck girlies!!

We went to have lunch right after and from there we went to Medieval Times!. It was a long ride to Medieval times but it was beyond worth it and before I go on to tell you guys more about it all I am going to say is if you are in the Toronto area it is a MUST SEE for sure!.

So all the delegates and I arrived and the first thing they say and give to you is welcome my ladies and they hand you a crown and a table number and the color of your section. I myself got table 9 and the red section and all the Miss Teenage Canada delegates were also in the red section.

Firstly they introduce the knights representing each section there was the black and white knight, the red and yellow knight, the red knight, the green knight ,the blue knight and the yellow knight! .They all looked like they stepped out from a renaissance time machine with their long hair and swords but we luckily got the red knight because he was the winner. There was numerous sword fighting and sparks flying off the swords everywhere. There were horse performances as well that was amazing. And there was also a performance with a hawk and she flew over the crowd numerous times while the crowd cheered and watched how magnificent she was.

During the show we were also served tomato soup,a side of garlic bread, a chicken breast , ribs and an apple strudel for dessert. And for drinks we were given pepsi and coffee. The meal was absolutely delicious and during our meals the knights threw flowers into the crowd and I was one of the lucky few that got one.

Well everyone I absolutely recommend this as an attraction if you are here in Toronto and I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week.

Love xoxoxo

-Claudia Carta

Miss Teenage Calgary


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