Day 4

Hi everybody! guess who’s back? hahaha. So this morning we were on National and Global news , so we were up and early on the air. So if you think you saw me in a yellow dress in the background you were right and you have great eyesight. So we woke up early Tess and I and we started getting ready for the news and on the way to the news the bus ride was completely quiet I would say 60% of us were fully asleep myself included haha. 

When we got there we were all in the background and there was a bowl with our names on it and an additional one with questions inside. So it was really interesting  to see and live through that experience. And of course the beautiful Jill Martin who is Miss Teenage Canada 2013 was also there with us answering questions as well and picking the name out.  

After all the news was done we headed to go have breakfast an then went to the CN Tower. It was such a great experience and we were also wearing our super comfy Hi-Tec shoes in the tower. We went inside of the tower and we saw so many cool facts about other talls buildings in the planet and right after went up in the elevator you could see how high up we really were it was so exhilirating and had such a magnificent view as well.  Once we reached the top we could go take photo on the glass floor and as the usual I could not help myself and I just had to so if you woud like to see the photos just got visit my Facebook Page and you can browse through them as much as you like because my tablet does not allow me to post photos. 

There was also a gift shop in the tower and I am happy to say I got souvenirs as well, the souveirs there were absolutely fantastic. Well thats all for now everyone and Happy Tuesday!

Love xoxoxo

-Claudia Carta

Miss Teenage Calgary

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