Day 1

Hi everybody so as you all know if you have been keeping up with Facebook I have arrived in Toronto for the Miss Teenage Canada competition!. I am so excited to be here and we have alredy experienced so much stuff that its crazy. My flight here was from Calgary to Toronto and I was fortunate enough to be on the same plane with another two girls from my province.

As soon as I arrived in the hotel I said hi to some of the girls and I was shown up to what will be my room for the next week while I waited for my roomate . When my roomate arrived I was so excited to see her we clicked right away and hugged and I found out her title back home is Miss Teenage South Central Ontario and her name is Tess ,she is completely different from me and so alike at the same time, she is so great. Oh and the best thing of all right next door is my pageant sister fom back home Gillian who is Miss Teenage West Calgary.  

The funniest thing so far has been how many pairs of shoes we have altogether the both of us and the amount of snacks we brought with us to keep our energy up. We spent all day talking about our lives and how we won our titles and what we need to improve on and what are our strengths in the pageant. Its been such a great day so far and I am so excited for the rest well thats all for now!

Love xoxoxo

-Claudia Carta

Miss Teenage Calgary 2014



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