The pageant has begun! WOW! What an incredible experience this has been these past 4 days. I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime, friends that I will keep in touch with for a very long time and an experience unlike no other.

Our first official event during the pageant was the sponsor/welcome party! As I walked out of the elevator, the sparkle and glimmer from all 54 tiaras was mesmerizing. You could tell all the young ladies like myself were ecstatic. We were running all around talking to each other like we’ve known everyone for years! What a wonderful connection we all have. We were greeted by various sponsors and representatives. Here are some pictures from that night 🙂


Alberta Girls!










Nuvango is a intricate clothing company, that also specializes in gels! They work with artists designs and art pieces to have it printed on clothing pieces! This drew me in, instantly! The table was covered in colours and the choices were endless. I was able to grab myself a pair of leggings, which i fell in love with immediately! We were also lucky enough to get a tour around the Nuvango headquarters. What an eye opener it sure was for me. As you all should know by now, that I am in love with art. This was absolutely incredible! Thank you Nuvango.


Visit for any more info on the brand, and to get a better look at #nuvango

V.P.I Canada Limited

The next booth was V.P.I Canada, where we got to choose a pair of sunglasses that we loved! What a wonderful gift this was, as many of us did not remember to bring our own. I didn’t know there were so many styles and colours until i saw the table covered in them. It was such a hard decision on which one I wanted, but this is the one I chose and I couldn’t be more happy with my choice!


If you like my pair of glasses, be sure to check out their website! We could be twinning 🙂

Sweets Canada

I have a sweet tooth, and this booth fulfilled my day with sweets! What a pleasure it was to taste the delicious chocolates. This unique brand has edible flowers in their chocolate! How cool is that? I could hardly wait to eat mine when I got back to the hotel! Be sure to try these out, you wont regret it!


Sweets Canada is also on Twitter, @SweetsCanadaCA and so is their parent company Q Foods Canada which tweets from @QFoodsCanada . Feel free to check them out and take a look at all the other delicious sweets they offer!


Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy

This beautiful green golfing community was a blast! I’ve never golfed before, and this was so much fun! I’ll definetly be doing more golfing activities. They taught us how to properly golf, and we got to try many different areas of golfing. If you’re curious about golfing and wonder where you could try it out, i highly recommend them!

Bata Shoe Museum

WOW! A dream come true! A museum all about shoes. This was every girls dream and it was amazing. We got to hold Shaq’s shoes, to the styles all throughout history. I think I can speak for all the delegates that this was worth the trip.


A shoe mold!



Hashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform. It was at the show collecting all our social media tagged with the #MissTeenageCanada2016 and then projecting it live at the party. They even made a single feed URL to which our parents and friends can subscribe to! All they do is follow along as we experience all the fun and exciting activities here in Toronto. The images and text from all 54 delegates will be archived on this page in the Miss Teenage Canada main site and on the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network / Search for Miss Teenage Canada 2016.

I want say thank you to all the wonderful sponsors this year. It wouldn’t be the same without your generous love and help! The delegates and I really appreciate it all!


Miss Teenage Calgary 2016 – Stacey

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