The 29th annual Lilac Festival was a good one. As a kid, I have vivid memories of my family and I attending the festival, but for the first year, due too my tittle, ‘Miss Teen Calgary’, I was honoured with the opportunity to be apart of it. Riding down the street, roof top, in one of ‘Dream Ride Alberta’s’ Jeep’s, my reign really started to set in. Who knew parades were so much fun, and waving for that long, to random people taking pictures of you, really wasn’t all that awkward!

If you asked me a year ago if I considered myself a pageant girl, the answer would have been indifferent. But after that day, I am officially, more than proud to wear my crown with full confidence.

Thank you Lilac Festival 2018, Dream Ride Alberta, Patti Falconer Agencies, and of course my family, friends and everyone who came out to support. This really is a well put together, awesome event.






Written by: Taylor
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